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Posted In: Medical Information - September 9, 2020

Changes in the way that health care is delivered during this pandemic are needed to reduce staff exposure to the sick, preserve personal protective equipment (PPE), and minimize the impact of patient surges on facilities. Telehealth offers the ability to continue caring for their patients, with and without COVID-19. In order, to lessen exposure of […]

Why your medical practice should outsource?

Posted In: Medical Information - August 31, 2020

Medical billing is time-consuming. It takes a team of people and many man-hours to create a smooth workflow. By outsourcing you have more time for patient care and your staff can now focus on managing your practice. If your staff is not able to focus on the billing your office could be losing thousands of […]

Houston Food Bank Donations

Posted In: Medical Information - November 25, 2019

The Houston Food Bank just suffered a major loss and we will be taking donations down to the Food Bank on 12/21/2019. Anyone who would like to donate items please see below items that are needed the most by the Food Bank. Things Needed: Canned Meats (tuna, Salmon, Ravioli), Canned Corn, Macaroni & Cheese, Tomato […]


Posted In: Medical Information - November 13, 2019

Are you aware of what HIPAA laws are and how they work? Check out this link

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