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We are a Medical Billing Specialist Company Providing Easy Collections, Cash Flow, and Maximum Profitability for Physicians and Medical offices.

Since 2004, The Doctor’s Medical Billing Solution has been helping medical practices to improve their cash flow, submit accurate claims for prompt insurance reimbursements, lower overhead costs and reduce stress related to medical billing and coding operations. We stay up-to-date on current billing regulations, practices, and trends for automation and streamlining the physician billing solutions process. Our ultimate goal is to help your physician group to achieve its greatest success while taking the worry, stress, and confusion out of medical billing practice management issues.

Our medical billing specialist team provides customized medical billing solutions designed with cutting edge technology and collection strategies that save you valuable time and enhance your cash flow and revenues. An added benefit is an automatic check with standards of care, improved record-keeping with digital technology, and increased patient satisfaction. Imagine how good it will feel, knowing you are spending your valuable time with patients instead of wasting time with patients billing issues.

Medical Billing Specialist Strategies that Increase Your Collections…

We offer medical billing solutions that minimize claim denials through our work queue process. All delinquent accounts are reviewed and worked by our staff until a resolution is achieved. You can expect an increase in collections and a dramatic reduction in the number of days in outstanding Accounts Receivable balances by this one feature alone. We offer state-of-the-art physician practice management solutions that automate much of the medical billing solutions, posting, and collections process. We free your time and eliminate your stress so that you can be more profitable and get more satisfaction doing what you do best in your medical practice.

Specialty Medical Billing Services That Are Customized for Your Physician Group Practice Needs…

Our areas of specialty include emergency medicine, urgent care medical billing, physical therapy, and radiology groups. Other practice areas of service include medical billing for hospital-based physician groups and surgical groups.

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