Why your medical practice should outsource?

Medical billing is time-consuming. It takes a team of

people and many man-hours to create a smooth workflow. By outsourcing you have

more time for patient care and your staff can now focus on managing your

practice. If your staff is not able to focus on the billing your office could

be losing thousands of dollars in unpaid claims. Here are just a few reasons

you should outsource the complicated work to the experts.


  1. Fewer Rejections:


With a dedicated team to your billing, you will

experience fewer rejections and denials. We do this by ensuring clean claims

going out the first time by following extensive coding guidelines and scrubbing

claims before submission.


  1. Reporting:


Extensive reports provided for extra security. An

outsourced company has the resources and time to regularly supply checks and

balance reports that an office staff may not have time to create regularly.

These detailed reports allow us to spot any errors that may have been created

in your finances. This also allows you to measure the performance of your

billing company.


  1. Get paid quicker:


Outsourcing allows a team of people to dedicate to focus

on submitting claims, following up promptly, which allows your money to come in

quicker and more consistently. We also work directly with your office staff

to make sure all authorizations and referrals have been done to ensure that workflow

is steady and adequately done to ensure proper prompt pay.


  1. Patient Care:


More time for your patients to increase the quality of

care. With your office staff focused on your patients, managing the daily task,

and running your office, your patients and you get a better experience.

As a provider, you will have more time to focus on what matters to you the most,

your patient care.


  1. Cost-Effective


With the increasing complexity of our healthcare system,

it takes a skilled medical biller to ensure claims go out efficiently and

accurately. According to Indeed, a medical billing specialist only stays with

an organization for 1-3 years. The incurred extra expense to hire and training

someone every 1 to 3 years adds up quickly. Making outsourcing not only cost-effective but less strain and stress on your office staff having new people needing to be trained.


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